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Welcome to our web blog of AfyaYangu.com, “Afya Yangu” is a Swahili word which means “My Health“.

Why should you even work with us? we are a Tanzania based team of FBO with a globally mindset reach and business to build.

We Open to Few People to be part of out Movement to help atleast 500 New People just like you each year, build their own home based business and earn their first U$5000 as FBO’s

…we are working as a team towards helping the community around us.

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♣FAQ’s About Our Business♣

How much Time will I need to Make an Extra US$2500+ Per Month as an FBO?

It is totally up to you how much time you put into your Forever business. Forever has no targets or limits and is therefore a business that you can operate flexibly around your other commitments.


♠How do we get paid as an FBO?

Bonus and profit margin payments from the company to the distributor on your bank account, are given as a result of the volume generated through product movement [Selling] on an individual and team basis.


♠Does Forever Living Products respect different cultural traditions?

YES. Forever products carry the Islamic and Halal seals of approval and also the Kosher rating. Also Forever does not carry out any testing of products on animals.


♠What is Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

It is the distribution of product/services through a network of independent distributors taking products direct to the consumer. we at Forever as FBO we cut the middle man and that why people are able to make Big Money with this business model! and Leverage income potentials of a local and global business building.


♠What is the quality of the Forever Living Products?

All of our Aloe Vera is naturally grown without the use of chemicals and we only use the inner Gel of the Aloe Vera leaf. The stabilizer (to preserve the Aloe from oxidation), is an organic extract from fruits and berries.


♠What support will I receive when I become a distributor with Forever.

Apart from many company funded trainings in business and products (one will be in your vicinity), the person who introduced you, called your Sponsor, will also be equipped to help you get the best start from your Forever business.

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